Making Reliability Resonate within Manufacturing Plants

Andrew Keene , Engineering Manager, Inghams Group


Data from plant equipment is rapidly becoming more powerful and accessible, but equipment analytics is a technical field that doesn’t always connect with key decision makers across manufacturing businesses.  In this presentation, Andrew explores strategies to deploy reliability data & KPIs in order to create alignment and drive Plant performance.


Andrew Keene is the Site Engineering Manager at Ingham’s Primary Processing plant in Somerville, Victoria. He holds a Masters in Maintenance Management & Reliability Engineering from Monash University. Over his 15 year career, he’s worked in and consulted to a wide range of manufacturing businesses (Poultry, Pasta, Steel, Pulp & Paper, Mining) focusing on Reliability excellence, Lubrication management and Maintenance optimisation. Andrew has led maintenance teams that have consistently delivered double digit improvements in OEE year-on-year.