(20 min.) Case Study: Advantages of Production Deliverability (RAM) Studies

Helge Lawrenz, Technical Engineer, Offshore, Bureau Veritas


Understanding the operational availability and consequently the production availability of an Oil and Gas production or processing facilities is not only of fundamental importance for financial decisions at the early design phase, but also for the operational phase, as it will help with decisions to retire less productive equipment. The case studies will demonstrate the purpose and benefits of operational Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) studies, by discussing the importance of reviewing the deliverability’s from such studies. The difference between production availability and deliverability and the reasoning for predicting daily deliverability rates will also be discussed.
The presented RAM modelling methodology and result analysis shall help to better understand RAM studies and what questions it is able to answer. It will be concluded, that each industry, facility and design stage has its own requirements that need to be clearly identified, to explore the full potential of a RAM study. The final case study will provide an understanding of the financial benefits an operational RAM study can provide not only for a production facilities, but also for a drilling facility.

Applications: Facilities Engineering and Project Management; Facility Operations and Maintenance


Graduated as Mechanical Engineer from the Technical University of Berlin in 1993 and started his career as Noise and Vibration Harshness (NVH) Development Engineer in the automotive industry.
In 2008, he transitioned into the Oil & Gas sector working as a principal consultant, where he deepened his experience of the asset integrity and reliability engineering field, with a strong focus on process piping vibration and compressor pulsation analysis and mitigation.
Since joining Bureau Veritas in 2011, he became an expert with Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) studies by executing numerous studies for key Australian Oils and Gas facilities over the past years.