(20 min) Case Study: Wear Debris in Industrial Gearboxes

Alex Pelkey , Product Manager, Poseidon Systems, LLC


Wear debris sensing technology has in the past been limited to using particle counts to detect faults. Current advancements in particle sizing, particle sensing range, and algorithm improvements have allowed more advanced approaches to detect faults more reliably. Further, these advancements now allow wear debris sensors to be used as a feedback loop for life extension actions. This presentation will use real industrial gearbox data to show how changes in operation and other actions impact gearbox failure rate.


Earning his B.S in Mechanical Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Alex has over 6 years experience in fluid diagnostics, mechanical systems design, systems architecture, and new product development. Alex has helped develop the advanced diagnostics around wear debris and oil condition monitoring Poseidon has deployed on over 3,000 assets to date.