Case Study: Vibration Analysis of Bearing Faults

Priyan Perera, Reliability Engineering Specialist, HVL Group


I have set up vibration analysis program for coal processing plants. One brand new 1400 tons/hr capacity plant, Condition Monitoring is being done for last 8 years after commissioning. Also another plant with the capacity of 20M/tons per year. Will share the experience of picking up bearing faults in CHPPs using vibration analysis. This presentation will include findings and will explain the related vibration data and parameter settings in picking up bearing faults of different machine components such as conveyor pulley bearings, pumps, gear boxes and screen exciter gear boxes. Depending on the nature of machines, vibration parameters and appropriate settings will be discussed with real examples/case studies.
​​​Once the defect found, further investigations have been done by doing internal inspection, bearing strip out and failure study.
– How to set up vibration settings and parameters to pick up bearing faults.
– Change of parameter settings depending on nature of difficult machines such as vibrating motors and gear boxes.
– Correlation of bearing defect nature with vibration data (waterfall pattern change, time waveform trends with case studies)


Priyan Perera holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, MBA, VA Cat IV certificate and Masters of Reliability and Maintenance Engineering from Monash University with 18 years of industrial Experience. Priyan has worked in Chevron lubricants as an Industrial consultant for lubrication and oil analysis doing lubrication related training programs for different industries. His past certifications include IR Level II, PG Dip (Electrical) and currently working as a Reliability Specialist in Hunter Valley, Australia involving in Integrated condition monitoring.