Case Study: Trouble commissioning a 200kW fan

Peter Moncrieff, Manager, Vipac Engineers and Scientists


Following overhaul, the vibration levels of a 200kW fan increased by a factor of 7. This interactive case study details the diagnostic investigation to identify the cause of the vibration increase.
1. Unnecessary maintenance can create issues.
2. Vibration analysis should be undertaken during commissioning, even though equipment is new.
3. There are many potential causes of high run speed vibration.


Peter Moncrieff (BEng Mechatronics) has been consulting in vibration analysis for over 10 years. This has included routine condition monitoring, diagnostic investigations, in situ balancing of multi-plane rotors and commissioning of turbo-generators. He has a breadth of experience at various industrial sites, with a particular focus on power stations. His role now includes management of the Vipac Adelaide office, and mentoring junior staff.