Case Study: Interactive Vibration Analysis Diagnostic Challenge

Dean Whittle, Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd


The vibration spectrum is an excellent tool for detecting and diagnosing faults in rotating machinery. But in truth it only tells half the picture. The time waveform and phase readings complete the picture, and it is essential that all vibration analysts understand how to correctly measure and interpret this data.

This presentation describes a series of fault conditions that can only be accurately diagnosed with time waveform analysis and/or phase analysis. We explore how to ensure that the time waveform is measured correctly so that useful information can be revealed – this is the place where most analysts make mistakes. We’ll present real-world case study examples where time waveform analysis reveals a new world for the analyst in terms of detectability, analysis and diagnostics. We then go on to demonstrate how easy phase readings can be measured with a single-channel analyser, a two channel-analyser, and a strobe. We then move on to describing a series of fault conditions that can be diagnosed and confirmed with phase analysis techniques. Finally, we look at how traditional VA phase techniques can be enhanced by conducting more detailed measurements (via Operating Deflect Shape and Motion Amplification) that allows us to truly visualize how the machine/structure/system is moving, thereby providing visual evidence for root cause analysis of machine failure modes.

This workshop is for all levels of experience regardless of skill set and is presented utilising 3D animations, software simulators and visual aids that will make it understandable to all.


Mr. Dean Whittle is the founder and managing director of Reliability Maintenance Solutions (RMS) Ltd. based in the United Kingdom. During Mr. Whittle’s more than 40-year career he has held various roles in electro/mechanical engineering ranging a five-year apprenticeship through various shop floor/field services roles to district manager for a world-leading supplier of Reliability-Based and Condition-Based Maintenance products and services. During the past twenty-five years he has been committed to implementing plant reliability and condition monitoring improvement programs throughout UK industry; covering power, paper, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, quarries, film/plastic, food, electronic, service and engineering manufacturing industries. Mr. Whittle shares his expertise as an approved trainer for both the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) and Mobius Institute ISO-18436 accreditation programmes, and as a speaker at a number of conferences.


Additionally, Mr. Whittle is an active member in a number of accredited institutes and committees:


    • ISO TC108 / SC5 Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics of Machine Systems
    • Mobius Institute Board of Certification (MIBoC) Technical Committee
    • Mobius Institute Vibration Analysis Technical Committee Chair
    • Mobius Institute Asset Reliability Practitioner Technical Committee
    • The British Institute of NDT Council Member
    • The British Institute of NDT Condition Monitoring Technical Committee
    • The British Institute of NDT Vibration Analysis Working Group
    • The British Institute of NDT Ultrasound Working Group
    • British Standards Institute – BSi Technical sub-committee GME/21/5 – Mechanical vibration and shock and Condition monitoring – Vibration of machines
    • British Standards Institute – BSi Technical sub-committee GME/21/7 Mechanical vibration and shock and Condition monitoring