(20 min.) Automatic Condition Based Greasing of Roller Element Bearings

Jos Sas , Chief Product Officer, i-Care


Greasing problem is the number 1 of failure modes in most industries. To solve this, many people have tried with mixed success. Greasing is still often performed on period base. Greasing problems can easily be detected with vibration measurements.

Examples will be illustrating how.
An intelligent monitoring system will be presented that can be integrated in industry 4.0 platforms with Lora, 4G,Ethernet..
In this session we will is how how greasing problems can be resolved in a fast and accurate manner.
The sooner a problem is detected and solved the longer the lifetime of the bearing.


1. Learn on how greasing problems are detected in roller element bearings.
2. New vibration monitoring methods that are used in Industry 4.0
3. A new approach on greasing based on condition.


Graduated as an electromechanical Engineer, Jos Sas has now +30Y of experience in Condition Based Maintenance. He has taken different rolls from founder up to general management of CSI distribution group in Europe Middle East & Africa. With a solid background in noise, vibration and thermographic measurement and analysis, he has a long experience in condition monitoring and maintenance in different industries such as power, car manufacturing, petrochemical, pulp and paper, cement, and others.