WS2: 2-Day UCAT-I Ultrasound Analysis Training Workshop – with Optional Certification

Matt Blaschke, Reliability Professional - Trainer, Allied Reliability


Ultrasound is incredibly powerful and versatile, so there is a lot to learn. The good news is you are in the right place. Our UCAT-I ISO Category I course will set you up for success.

We will help you understand why ultrasound analysis is important. You will gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of ultrasound, lubrication, and leak detection. Ultrasound personnel certified to Category I will have a good understanding of the fundamentals of ultrasound. They are able to apply a specific ultrasound measurement technique, set up and operate ultrasound equipment for safe data collection, and verify the integrity of collected data. They are also able to perform basic fault detection, severity assessment, and diagnosis in accordance with established procedures. Additionally, they can maintain a database of results and trends, verify the sensitivity of measurement instruments, evaluate test results, and prevent or control factors that result in the acquisition of poor quality data.

Optional: Once you complete the workshop you will be eligible to take the two-hour, 60-question, multiple-choice UCAT I exam at the conference.

To become certified, you will need to watch the online training videos provided, attend the 2-day training course during the conference, meet the required 6-month work experience verified by an independent individual, and pass the certification exam with a score of 70% or more. We will contact you shortly with more details. You can still attend this course without getting certified.


Matt Blaschke has been part of the Allied Reliability team since 2011, advancing from the role of CBM Professional to Reliability Professional. Currently, Matt provides Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) consulting, condition monitoring program support, and maintenance and reliability training for Allied’s clients. He is a certified Allied Reliability Trainer, having completed Allied’s Train-the-Trainer program, and a Mobius Institute Approved Instructor for their Vibration CAT I, II, III, and Ultrasound Cat I courses. Matt serves as lead instructor for many of Allied’s education offerings, responsible for course development and delivery. He was instrumental in establishing Allied’s virtual training program, setting up the required infrastructure to host live online sessions, both public and private, and converting course materials for use in a variety of settings.
Matt began his career 22 years ago, repairing and rebuilding electric motors, before expanding into field services and CBM services. Specialized skill sets include motion amplification, precision alignment, and field balancing. He has worked in almost every type of industry, gaining experience with a wide variety of processes, equipment, and environments. Matt holds credentials as a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) through the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP), a Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) through the Association for Asset Management Professionals (AMP), and an Asset Reliability Practitioner (ARP-E) “Reliability Engineer” from Mobius Institute. He is also certified on 4 of the 5 major CBM technologies and motion amplification.
Matt is a member of SMRP, taking an active role in their Indiana Chapter as the Board of Directors Treasurer. He is also heavily involved with the Boy Scouts of America, currently serving as Scoutmaster of Troop 963 and the Chapter Advisor for the Wulihan Chapter, as well as being a member of the Order of the Arrow.
Matt and his wife, Lori, are empty nesters now in Valparaiso, Indiana. They have two adult sons, Matthew and Joe. In what little free time he has, Matt enjoys spending time in the Caribbean, golfing, shooting sports, and woodworking.