1S6: Case Study: Vibration Monitoring with Wireless MEMS-Based Accelerometers Technology

N Satheesh Kumar, Research Fellow, SMRT - NTU Corp Lab


Currently, very expensive PZT-based wired accelerometers are used for vibration measurement of MRT tracks. They take much effort to set up and could only be mounted in limited number and over a limited time duration. Low cost wireless accelerometers are emerging on the market. This presentation introduces the development of the MEMS based low cost, high endurance, wireless accelerometers as a viable solution to aid condition monitoring maintenance of SMRT moving and fixed assets.

A compact MEMS based sensor node would greatly improve condition monitoring of railway tracks and trains because it allows a big array of sensors to be mounted at several strategic locations. This array will allow vibration measurements to be monitored in real time in the “cloud” from a remote location. Product specifications for the sensor node package are specifically developed for railway application while ensuring the Bill Of Material cost for the sensor node and gateway is within $40USD and $60USD respectively. This product is expected to be market disruptive as a typical vibration sensor node and gateway currently costs $900USD and $1100USD respectively.


Dr. Satheesh obtained his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Nanyang Technological University in 2017. During his PhD, he was deployed in Germany for a period of three years in a collaborative work with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). His research work focused on developing an innovative 2-in-1 electric motor, A/C compressor system and as well as design and optimization of mechanical components.

Currently he is working with NTU-SMRT Smart Urban Rail Corporate Laboratory as a Research Fellow. His current work largely involves the development of a low cost, MEMS based wireless vibration sensor node for condition monitoring purpose and creating state-of-the art 3D Multibody dynamic train and rail models for simulation and vibration analysis.

His research interest includes, simulation, vibration analysis, data analytics and product development (focusing on IoT devices).