1S6: Case Study: Utilizing Vibration Analysis to Properly Monitor & Perform Diagnostics on Vertical Pumps

Allen Bailey , Senior Test Analyst, IVC Technologies


Vertical pumps are found in various applications throughout the world, and can be some of the hardest pieces of equipment to effectively monitor / diagnose utilizing route based vibration analysis tools in a Predictive Maintenance Programs.  This presentation will be designed to review some the various types of vertical pumps an analyst might be asked to monitor / troubleshoot, highlight various challenges that will be faced when setting up to perform vibration analysis on these assets, and discuss some unique instances where standard vibration analysis techniques were not suitable for properly diagnosing the root cause for vibration related issues in these asset types utilizing real world case history examples.


Allen currently has over 20 years of industrial maintenance experience, with over 15 years being in Predictive Maintenance / Reliability Technologies. He is certified Level 3 vibration analyst who specializes in performing diagnostic testing in many industrial environments (i.e. Petro-Chemical, Power Generation, Steel Manufacturing, Wood Products, Mining, Air Separation, Offshore Oil Field Development, etc.). Allen is qualified to use multi-channel / transient vibration analysis tools, strain gages, 4-20 mA process data interfaces, Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis, experimental MODAL analysis, on-line condition monitoring, and machinery protection systems for testing purposes.