1S6: Case Study: Turbomachinery Lubrication Issues at a Fertilizer Plant

Ahmed Mujtaba, Machinery Engineer, Engro Fertilizers Limited


Case study presentation is about chronic & prevalent lubricant related issues faced at various turbomachines including Gas Turbines, Syn Gas Centrifugal Compressor, and several others. These issues manifested in different forms and resulted in frequent unplanned outages and downtimes. The case study covers the issues faced, their RCA and subsequently the steps taken to resolve those issues. The case study further includes a gap analysis evaluating the inadequacy in the lube oil condition monitoring regime which had resulted in the inability to timely identify the issues and take steps to control them. Based on the analysis an ideal condition monitoring regime is recommended & implemented that covers all aspects adequately.

Learning Outcomes
1. Overview of Lubrication related issues faced. (Including RCA)
2. Role of proper lubricant condition monitoring
3. Strategy & techniques employed to resolve the chronic issues


Ahmed is currently serving as a machinery engineer at Engro Fertilizers Pakistan with experience of maintenance & reliability of turbomachines. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and addition Analysis Level II Machine Lubricant Analyst (ISO 18436-4,I I) and Level II Vibration Analyst (ISO 18436-2) certified.