1S5: Vibration Measurement Techniques for Continuously Varying Speed Machinery

Greg Lee, Senior Project Manager, PRUFTECHNIK


We will examine different successful strategies to monitor machinery that is continuously changing speed.  Continuously Variable Speed Machinery is different than the typical variable speed machine.  Most Variable Speed Machines run in a steady state and only occasionally change speeds.  Machines that continuously change their speed such as Take-Up Reals, Process Feed Pumps, Silicon Wafer Saws, and Electric Mining Shovels present unique challenges to vibration measurement.  In these cases, the vibration and waveform are in a continuous state of change due to process or operational demands.  When a measurement starts and the RPM is changing, skewing or smearing of the spectrum results in a spectrum that is difficult if not impossible to pull specific frequency information from.  In addition, load and other contributing process conditions increase the difficulty of obtaining a trend-able result.  Come explore the various approaches of Order Tracking Spectrums and Trending with Operating States to successfully monitor this classification of machines.  Identify problems before they go critical!


Greg received his BS Degree from Michigan Technological University in 1982 where he was a member of the National Deans List. Since his employment with IRD Mechanalysis in the mid 1080s, he has worked for several major vibration measurement companies as well as provided condition based maintenance programs for a number of mining companies and paper companies. In 1995 he joined PRUFTECHNIK Inc. where he served as Vice President in charge of USA vibration operations. He now serves as the North American Special Project Manager and serves on PRUFTECHNIK’s international product development team. Throughout his career in condition based maintenance he has earned numerous certifications and awards. Greg resides in Gardnerville Nevada where he and his wife of 39 years, Cindy have raised their 5 children and currently have 7 grandchildren. Greg enjoys Snow Skiing, Motorcycle Touring, Mountain Biking and is a Sailplane (Glider) Pilot. Greg can be contacted at greg.lee@pruftechnik.com or (844) 242-6296.