1S5: Do we really have to take averages or are we just wasting our time?

Clyde Volpe, Owner, Vibration Institute of Australia


This talk will discuss the common method of averaging and is this still a requirement in the way we do vibration readings today. A better method which will save you a lot of time and give you better quality data is explored and explained through use of measurements on real machines. A short mathematical explanation is also given to show the backing of the argument.


Clyde started his career in a paper mill and qualified as an electrical technician. He soon realised his passion was teaching though so in 1990 Clyde started the Vibration Institute of South Africa, this Institute soon became a leading training company there. In 2000 he moved to Australia and in 2003 started The Vibration Institute of Australia, he now runs courses throughout the world and is the Mobius agent for Australia and New Zealand. Further he has also done work in many industries helping set up their databases. Clyde has trained over 10000 people during his life, his focus is to change the ways companies think about Condition Monitoring, guiding them towards a more holistic idea of Reliability Maintenance. He has also given talks around the world.