1S5: (90 min.) Case Study – Combining Process and Condition Monitoring – How to Bridge the Gap

Christian Reinbrecht, Product Manager, iba-AG Bob Miller, Director - Advanced Testing Group, IVC Technologies


Traditionally, the worlds of process monitoring and machinery condition monitoring did not mix.  While were many reasons for this, the two most notable were the limitations in the available technology and divergent mindsets that existed on both sides of the fence.
Fast-forward to today. Thanks to significant advances in technology, successfully integrating the process and condition monitoring is not only possible, but is also becoming increasingly necessary to remain competitive and profitable in the global market.  Unfortunately, unlike technology, which seems to evolve at lightning speed, changing a mindset often lags behind.
The purpose of this presentation is to give examples of the latest technologies which allow the merging of process and condition monitoring and real-life case studies to show the results that can be achieved.  Change for the sake of change is almost always a waste of both time and money. However, change for an understood and acknowledged improvement has a much higher likelihood of success.  There is also normally much less opposition to implement the change if the benefits are understood and there is buy-in from program participants up front.  Areas covered will include: the latest data acquisition capabilities for synchronized process and condition monitoring data including integrated video, the latest tools for signal processing, process and condition monitoring, and machinery diagnostics.
Examples will encompass a variety of applications in order to show how an integrated approach is not uniquely suited to a single industry, but rather, is applicable to all industries.

Bio - Christian Reinbrecht

Product Management, Support and Training for Condition Monitoring Tools

Christian graduated from the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen with Master of Science in Mechatronic Engineering. During his studies he worked for a power plant manufacturer optimizing mathematical models for simulating Fluid Structure Interaction in vibrating pipes. For iba AG he is working as product manager for Condition Monitoring tools, including the whole spectrum from online condition monitoring systems to expert vibration analysis tools. As product manager he is also offering support and training to customers on basics of vibration monitoring and how to use the iba-tools.

Bio - Bob Miller

Bob began his career in Reliability serving over 10 years as a nuclear trained electrician in the US Navy Submarine Force and has been involved in Maintenance and Advanced Equipment Diagnostics for over 30 years. Bob joined IVC Technologies as Director of the Advanced Testing Group. Bob is a well known consultant in the vibration industry whose knowledge and experience helps direct the Advanced Testing Group to provide their customers with the most advanced technology in the industry focusing on complex and severe problems that have the greatest impact on the bottom line.