1S2: Can we fix high vibration problem due to misalignment without stoppage of the machine?

Meghnath Goyal , Chief Manager (Mechanical), National Fertilizers Limited Naya Nangal (Punjab) India


The problem of high vibration in single stream machines is a typical issue which requires complete investigation before decision for any corrective action. On the one hand continuous running of machine with high vibrations can cause internal rubs and fatigue failures, on the other hand stoppage of the machine without analysis of the root cause may not be able to solve the problem in a single attempt. Multiple stoppage of the single stream machine to solve a vibration related problem leads to heavy financial loss and sometimes failure of vital components of the machine. A balanced decision need to be taken before stoppage of the machine. Any logical decision need detailed investigation based upon various steady state and transient vibration plots of the machine and backed up with necessary data of the machine and operating paraments. With proper approach of investigation and analysis, National Fertilizers Limited- A mini ratana Fertizer Compnay in India, could solve an alarming problem of high shaft vibration of Synthesis Gas Compressor due to misaligment without stoppage of the machne. This case study reports how the problem of misaligment was analysed from various vibration plots and how the shaft vibration of the tune of 75 microns was eliminated without stoppage of the machnie by carefully and accurately heating of the front pedestals of the machine based upon calculations of the final desired pedestal temeperature.