1S1: Shaft alignment fundamentals – 5-step alignment procedure

Leif Törngren, Technical Supervisor , Easy-Laser AB


Shaft alignment is often overlooked in the maintenance process. It is something that is done in a hurry, just before you have to start up the equipment again with the production manager breathing down your neck. Yet poor alignment is responsible for over 50% of all failures in rotating machinery. Even though shaft alignment is so important to the whole maintenance process there are seldom written down guidelines and procedures for alignment. In this presentation we will present the shaft alignment fundamentals and teach the 5-step alignment procedure. If correctly followed you will increase your success rate in alignment and improve on your equipment’s up time.


Leif Törngren, 57, with over 30 years experience in laser technology started his career as an electronic design engineer at the first Swedish laser alignment company. In 1997 he joined Easy-Laser AB as a software engineer and have been there since. Leif Törngren is now the Technical Supervisor of Easy-Laser.