Call for Presentations – Australia

The CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT® Live Training Conference is a wonderful opportunity for condition monitoring practitioners, maintenance managers and reliability engineers to learn and meet others that face (and have solved) the same challenges that you do every day. CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT Live Training Conference’s goal is to provide excellent presentations that help industry professionals do a better job. Our attendees want to know about the innovative technology, need a deeper understanding of theory, and how you solved difficult problems in your plant. Submission deadline is 19 May 2023.

The CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT Live Training Conference is seeking industry experts and practitioners who are willing to share their knowledge and experience for the following:

  • Half-day workshops
  • 90 minute presentations/case studies
  • 45 minute presentations/case studies
  • 30 minute presentations/case studies

We require all vendor and consultant presentations to be co-presented with a client (we do not allow commercial/promotional content). All presentations must be non-commercial in order to maintain the integrity of the conference. The presentations should emphasize the technique or approach rather than the specific tools used (such as proprietary software or equipment). In addition, presentations should avoid trademarked solutions. Preference will be given to case-studies, practical and hands-on presentations.

Presentations for CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT Live Training Conference that focus on:

  • CBM (Alignment & Balancing, Condition Monitoring Management, Lubrication, Motor Testing, Oil Analysis & Wear Particle, Precision Maintenance, Thermography, Ultrasound Testing, Vibration Analysis)
  • RELIABILITY (Asset Strategy Development, Condition Monitoring, Continuous Improvement, Defect Elimination, Implementation Strategy Development, People Management, Precision Skills Proactive Tasks, Reliability Engineering Analytics, Work & Spares/Material Management)
  • MANAGEMENT (AI, Benefits, Business Case, Culture Change, IIoT, Implementation, Leadership, etc.)

Additionally, you can utilize the CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT Live Training Conference attendee polling system during your session! Instead of just presenting your topic, you can engage your audience by asking questions to learn more about the attendees, their current practices, experiences, and more.

Accepted CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT Live Training Conference speakers receive:

  • 1 FREE CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT Live Training Conference Pass
  • 1 FREE CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT Live Training Conference Companion Pass
  • Professional onsite photographs while speaking
  • Speaker recognition gift
  • Speaker photo and biography on the conference website

Submit a Presentation Abstract

Submission Deadline: 19 May 2023