About the CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT ® Live Training Conference

The training conference specifically for Condition Monitoring & Reliability Professionals

The CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT® Training Conference is a live event designed specifically for condition monitoring practitioners, reliability engineers, and maintenance managers. From hands-on workshops, interactive learning sessions, and real-life case studies, to the latest technologies featured in the expo, this training conference provides practical learning in the important aspects of industrial condition monitoring technologies and reliability improvement techniques.

CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT Training is powered by Mobius Institute, a worldwide provider of reliability improvement, condition monitoring and precision maintenance education to plant managers, reliability engineers and condition monitoring technicians. Mobius Institute has provided training and accredited certification to over 35,000 practitioners across the globe. Training is important, but on-going learning and skills improvement is essential to stay on top in this important field.

CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT® Live Training Conference is designed specifically for condition monitoring professionals, maintenance managers and reliability engineers. From hands-on workshops, interactive learning sessions, real-life case studies, to the latest technologies featured in the expo, this training conference provides practical learning in the important aspects of industrial condition monitoring technologies.

CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT Live Training Conference gets to the meat of what you need to know to do your job better and help your plant run better!  Our conference covers key condition monitoring technologies that help you DETECT+DIAGNOSE faults and SOLVE problems. We teach you precision maintenance practices that have a practical application to IMPROVE equipment reliability.

The topics include:

  • Implementation strategy development (plan, business case, reliability economics, milestones, asset management, ISO 55000)
  • People management (leadership, culture change, engagement, skills assessment, training, certification)
  • Defect elimination (project management, design for reliability, life cycle cost minimization, acceptance testing, SOPs, ODR)
  • Reliability engineering analytics (statistics, criticality analysis, Pareto analysis, Weibull, Crow AMSAA, Monte Carlo, RBD)
  • Asset strategy development (RCM, FMEA, PMO)
  • Work and spares and continuous/material management (master asset list, bill of materials, change management, planning, scheduling, STO, CMMS)
  • Precision skills & proactive tasks (a reliability leader and engineer’s view of installation, commissioning, asset care, 5S, alignment, balancing, lubrication, fastening)
  • Condition monitoring (a reliability leader and engineer’s view of vibration analysis, ultrasound, oil analysis, motor testing, infrared, etc.)
  • Continuous improvement (root cause analysis, communication, KPIs)

Now there are more streams, more workshops, and more exhibitors. You can still focus on the condition monitoring topics if you prefer, but you now have the option of attending sessions that cover the practical side of reliability improvement.

What is CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT® Conference?

This training event is the best and only conference that is 100% for and about the machine condition monitoring and reliability improvement industries. As such, our conferences’ cover a broad range of technologies and sub-industries that revolve around keeping machinery in working order such as:

  • Vibration analysis: the way to detect slight changes in vibrations that occur as a result of machines suffering faults
  • Infrared thermography: thermal imaging technology that is used to detect manufacturing faults
  • Wear debris analysis: oil sample analysis used to detect metal wear particles and other contaminants
  • Motor testing: measuring motor currents to uncover faults in supply voltage
  • Ultrasound: high frequency technology used to detect friction, turbulence or impacts within machines
  • Lubrication: ensuring the long life of mechanical parts through proper lubrication
  • Condition monitoring: appropriate condition and functioning can extend lifespan
  • Alignment and balance: minimizing centrifugal forces to decrease strain and improve the reliability of machinery.

CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT Training Conference is the first conference and exhibition to bring together all of these industries in one place. Our three to four-day conferences present industry professionals with the perfect opportunity to improve and grow their industry knowledge, mix with like-minded peers, learn new strategies and approaches and hear from the biggest and most respected names in the industry.


1. Perfect for CBM & Reliability Practitioners

Training conference with streams dedicated to CBM: condition monitoring and the fundamental, practical reliability improvement: alignment, balancing, and lubrication & RELIABILITY: implementation strategy development, defect elimination, asset strategy development, work and spares and continuous/material management, and continuous improvement – to name a few.

2. Perfect for practitioners wanting to master reliability improvement

Now that the CBM + RELIABILITY CONNECT Conferences are co-located, you can attend the Asset Reliability Practitioner (ARP) course and workshop, attend dedicated reliability workshops, and attend streams dedicated to the science and art of reliability improvement in addition to the CBM sessions that you love. Your choice! No extra charge!

3. Variety of content

Each event has keynote presentations, educational presentations from leading industry experts, and detailed hands-on workshops that provide you with new knowledge and skills

4. Expand your network

Network with other learning professionals from leading companies around the world including Shell, Dupont, GE, Siemens, Bridgestone, Weyerhaeuser, GM, Johnson Controls, and MillerCoors

5. Learn from your peers who are on the same mission as you

Improve diagnostic knowledge and skills while building relationships with peers who face the same challenges

6. New technology

Our exposition typically features more than 30 exhibitors providing the latest products and solutions. There is a lot happening in our industry; this is the place to see for yourself what is new and improved

7. You are among friends

Our event is unique in the industry because we deliberately focus the topics and limit the numbers. Unlike those 1000+ attendee events where you never see the same person twice, and you never get the opportunity to speak with the presenters and workshop leaders, our training conference is “intimate”; you are among friends.

8. Add to your library

The conference bookstore gives convenient access to the latest condition monitoring and reliability books.

9. Keep your knowledge fresh and your skills sharp

Unless you are super-human you will not remember everything you learned on your training courses, plus new techniques and technologies are being developed every year. You need this event to stay on top in your chosen profession.

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Amazing atmosphere for vibration analysts and condition monitoring professionals, nice gathering to see new technologies, case studies, and meeting industry experts. Kuwait Oil Company
The CBM Conference was a great conference, well organized with plenty of good topics to choose from. Valued Conference Attendee
Practical experience and theory meld together at the conference and point to new and innovative approaches for vibration analysis and condition monitoring. Jessica H. WITTENSTEIN