WS7: 1/2 Day De-energised & Energised Motor Testing Workshop: Using Next Generation Portable & On-line Systems for Predictive Maintenance

Geoff Soper, Managing Director, apt Group


To determine the integrity, reliability and efficiency of an electric motor, the maintainer often uses a swag of tools and gauges.
This said, the following methodologies each use a single instrument to simplify the motor testing process.
Motor Circuit Analysis is a comprehensive, non-destructive testing method, used on electric motor’s whilst de-energised. Electrical Signature Analysis is undertaken whilst the motor system is fully energised / running and provides important information about the electrical and mechanical health of the motor system.It is well documented that performing Condition Based Maintenance / Predictive maintenance provides great value. However, significant financial benefit is also gained in motor testing for incoming inspection of new or rebuilt motors, as part of the commissioning testing process.
With an innovative Model-based fault detection and diagnostic approach that includes simple and actionable information, the very best maintenance planning detail and horizon is provided.
In this workshop some theory will be presented and the Why’s, When’s and How’s will be demonstrated using Next Generation test equipment.


Geoff Soper has tertiary qualifications in both engineering and business and has been involved in the field of plant Condition Monitoring for more than 30 years. Geoff is Managing Director of the apt Group (of Companies) which represents a number innovative and technologically advanced solutions, to improve plant reliability and increase profitability for its customers.