WS2: 1-Day Workshop: From Predictive to Prescriptive, But How?

John Nygaard, Regional Director, I-care Pieter Van Camp, Chief Commerical Officer, I-care


Many industrial end-users have already implemented a Predictive Maintenance (PdM) program with varying degrees of success. With advancements in machine health monitoring technologies and methods including vibration analysis, ultrasound, thermography and oil analysis, opportunities to deliver greater business impact have certainly improved but watch out! If a PdM program is not embedded with an overall reliability-centered maintenance approach, there is a high probability that the organization does not reach the desired outcome of its program. Why does this happen?

There are multiple reasons at play, but in general, many roads lead to the fact that there is no formal Prescriptive Maintenance approach installed. In this workshop, we will guide participants on their journey to Prescriptive Maintenance and cover the following key areas:

  • Defining Prescriptive Maintenance and its connectivity with a Predictive Maintenance
  • What are the necessary steps to enable a Prescriptive Maintenance approach
  • An introduction to I-plan; an interactive game that simulates a real shutdown with all the typical challenges of a real one; spare parts management, resource restrictions, quality issues, problems with contractors, challenges in scheduling, work execution management, etc.

Gain insights into how they could get the maximum benefit of their Predictive Maintenance program.

Bio - John Nygaard

Profile photo of John NygaardJohn has an MBA from The University of Adelaide and is the Regional Director- for I-care Reliability Australia responsible for the Asia Pacific Region.
John has volunteered for 8 years as a Squadron Sergeant Squadron for the Australian Air League which is a youth organization for boys and girls aged from 8 years that encourages an interest in aviation as a career or as a hobby for the youth of Australia.

Bio - Pieter Van Camp

Pieter Van Camp joined I-care group in 2015 as a Corporate Business Development Manager. He was promoted to Chief Commercial Officer in 2018. Pieter has over 20 years of experience in predictive maintenance. Following his thesis on the “Implementation of a predictive maintenance approach on robots in the automotive industry”, he started his career as a predictive maintenance expert with Emerson, coaching industrial and commercial customers to improve their reliability and maintenance processes, using digital technologies. Pieter Van Camp holds a Master of Science in Electromechanical Engineering from Internationale Hogeschool Leuven (Belgium).