WS1: Practical Vibration Analysis Workshop: Interactive and challenging case studies (Part 1 – Part 2 required in PM)

Dennis Swanepoel, Lead Technician, WearCheck


The Practical Vibration Analysis workshop, presented by Dennis Swanepoel, will provide an opportunity to sharpen your diagnostic skills and strengthen your depth of knowledge. This is no ordinary conference workshop. You will be challenged. You will be made to think. And you will learn essential skills that all vibration analysts must have to confidently diagnose the trickiest fault conditions (that might otherwise leave you frustrated and even embarrassed). Rather than teaching you how to diagnose faults, you will actually try to diagnose faults yourself. You will either learn from your mistakes or gain confidence from your victories.

During the workshop you will be grouped in a small team of three vibration analysts and given access to a range of information and data. You can ask for additional information, and you can perform additional tests, but everything you do will cost “points”. The aim is for your team to solve each of the diagnostic challenges (while being coached by Dennis) and “beat” the other teams. Dennis has years of experience in vibration analysis and training and the case studies you will solve have been chosen to include a range of difficulties and applications. So, whether you are Category I or Category IV, you will gain a lot from this workshop.

Unfortunately, space is strictly limited and the available places will be taken quickly, so please register soon.

Here are some testimonials from people have been through this experience previously (during our “Vibration Analyst Flight School” courses).

“Experience is the best teacher and this class provides the opportunity to gain experience and learn from mistakes without the pain of having to explain why you made those mistakes to upper management.”
Eugene Begley, Cat I

“There is nothing as valuable as learning from experience. Taking difficult problems, trying to solve them and then having someone walk you through the solution is priceless.”
Sheldon Bayles, Cat II

“This class was one of the best I’ve ever attended due to the practical, hands-on approach.”
Dan Fiscus, Cat III


I started my career attaining my National Diploma(S4) in Mechanical Engineering and becoming a Performance and Testing Technician in the Power Generation Industry. I have been in the field of Condition Monitoring for past 16 years. Starting out as an apprentice I managed to improve my knowledge in condition monitoring in various industries and becoming involved in training. In my first years in condition monitoring I became certified by Technical Associates as a trainer for their courses and started specializing in ODS and Modal Analysis. I have worked in various industries and I am qualified in Vibration, Thermography and Oil analysis. I also specialize in operational Deflection shape analysis. Currently my main duties is shared between starting up new service contracts, Special Investigations, Training (Mobius Training Partner)
Industries that I have worked in include Power Generation, Coal Mining, Platinum/chrome refinery and mining, Waste Water Treatment, Food, Paper and Sugar Mills. My most recent achievement was to pass the Mobius CAT IV course and starting up two service contracts in the Power Generation Industry that include vibration, thermography, oil analysis, and alignment.