WS1: 1-Day Hands-On Workshop: Vibration in Action: A Practical Introduction of the Use and Value of Vibration Analysis with Elvis the Test-rig

Dennis Swanepoel, Lead Technician, Yellotec


This workshop will be a terrific opportunity to get up to speed on vibration analysis, or to reinforce the basics you have already learned. In addition to the famous Mobius animations and simulations, which truly do make all the complex topics much easier to understand, all the principles will be put into action with the aid of “Elvis” the test rig. Vibration readings will be taken to illustrate the basics of the waveform, spectrum, and phase, and to demonstrate conditions such as bearing faults, unbalance, looseness, and much more. We will also provide an introduction to fluid-film bearing vibration analysis: prox probes, orbits, centerline plots, full-spectrum plots, and more.


He started his career attaining his National Diploma(S4) in Mechanical Engineering and becoming a Performance and Testing Technician in the Power Generation Industry. He has been in the field of Condition Monitoring for the past 19 years. Starting out as an apprentice he managed to improve his knowledge in condition monitoring in various industries and becoming involved in training. Currently, his main duties are shared between starting up new service contracts, Special Investigations, Training (Mobius Training Partner), CBM Connect Editorial board and active member. Industries that he has worked in include Power Generation, Coal Mining, Platinum/chrome refinery and mining, Waste Water Treatment, Food, Paper and Sugar Mills. His most recent achievement was to pass the Mobius CAT IV course and starting up two service contracts in the Power Generation Industry that include vibration, thermography, oil analysis, and alignment. Qualifications: Higher Diploma Mechanical Engineering, Vibration ISO CAT IV, Asset Reliability CAT 3, Oil Analysis, Thermal Snell Level 1, ODS and Modal Analysis.