Vibration Standards: Use, Misuse and Abuse

Carl Eyman, Reliability Point LLC


Vibration standards are often used for vendor acceptance and machine condition evaluation. There are many different standards developed by individuals, corporations and committees, entities with widely different objectives and agendas. These standards are often either misapplied or incapable of providing the desired information. In addition, vibration tables intended for monitoring purposes are sometimes erroneously applied as standards.


Carl has been involved in the technology of vibration monitoring and analysis since founding Measurements, LLC in 1978. He considers himself incredibly fortunate in having the opportunity to work with the giants of the industry over the years as customers and collaborators, and on machinery ranging from 5000 HP drainage pumps trying to keep New Orleans dry to printing presses in Washington DC basements spitting out sheets of $20 bills. He was an early champion of analyst certification with the Vibration Institute and a member of the ASNT vibration certification committee. In 2007, as part of the sale of the Measurements PdM service organization, he joined Azima/DLI for 3 years. In 2010 he left Azima and returned to Reliability Point LLC, where he is still doing machinery protection and analysis work for a wide range of industries on a daily basis.