Technical Reliability & Reliability Strategy

Tommy Glesnes, Senior Reliability Engineer, AMPs AS


The main goal of this presentation is to show you the Mobius Institute Asset Reliability Transformation [ART] roadmap and training program, and the benefits by adopting to it.

Most companies starts Reliability initiatives by focusing only on the technical reliability, and leaves the responsibility to the maintenance department, by mainly promote the vibration expert to become the Reliability Engineer.

Sounds familiar?

Off course we need to discuss Industry 4.0, smart maintenance, condition monitoring, wireless sensors and digital Reliability and how this affects our maintenance and Reliability strategy.


Tommy Glesnes has more than 25 years experience in the world of Condition Monitoring and Reliability Maintenance. He is certified as “European Expert in Maintenance Management” by EFNMS (World Class Maintenance), Asset Reliability Practitioner by MI and Vibration Analyst Category III by Mobius Institute. He has a lot of field experience in condition monitoring and vibration analysis of rotating machines and Maintenance Optimization programs, as a service provider / consultant. Tommy is also an authorized instructor for Mobius Institute, both for Vibration and Reliability courses.