Unraveling the Enigma: Unveiling the Root Causes Behind Inaccuracies in CAT III and CAT IV Analysis

Philip Schutte, General Manager


In the realm of CAT III and CAT IV analysis, persistent inaccuracies beg the question: why do seasoned analysts occasionally falter? This inquiry scrutinizes potential factors contributing to these occasional lapses, considering four key facets: 

  • 1) Plant/Machine Experience: Could a deficit in hands-on experience with plants and machinery underpin inaccuracies in analysis? 
  • 2) Training Quandary: Is it plausible to attribute missteps to inadequacies in training programs?  
  • 3) Machine Setups and Configurations: Might erroneous analysis stem from misconfigurations or suboptimal setups of analytical machinery? 
  • 4) Equipment Blame Game: Is it fair to point fingers at the equipment itself as a source of occasional inaccuracies? 


Leveraging three decades of hands-on experience, this discourse endeavours to divulge the unvarnished truth, navigating through the intricate web of machine intricacies, sensor subtleties, and the interpretive dance of data. With an unwavering commitment to impartiality, the speaker, possessing a comprehensive repertoire spanning technology and training, unveils insights that transcend biases. Join this elucidative journey as the speaker sheds light on the nexus of factors influencing CAT III and CAT IV analyses, establishing a foundation for improved precision in the realms of machinery analysis and data interpretation. 


With 30 years active Condition Monitoring experience and holding a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering, gained knowledge from the likes of Technical Associates Charlotte (TA), Bently Nevada, Update International and Mobius CATIII vibration certification, Philip Schutte also serves on the Mobius Reliability Practitioner panel and as a Mobius Instructor.

Philip Schutte started his condition monitoring career in 1992 at one of Eskom 3.6-Gigawatt Coal fire Power Stations (Matla). During his tenure at Matla Power Station Philip Schutte oversaw both Bently Nevada 3500 Turbo Machinery system and routine vibration on plantwide equipment. Philip Schutte started the Asset Reliability Care division at WearCheck in 2012, from a humble beginning as one employee to growing the division into one of the leading Condition Monitoring services companies on the African continent employing 130 Technicians on a fulltime basis.