(20 min.) Case Study: Time Signal & Multi Channel Analysis to determine the correct location of bearing problem

Muhammad Trendo, Condition Monitoring Supervisor, Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Perawang


As a vibration analyst in paper machine, one of the most challenging situation is speed variation. Paper machine’s speed depends on paper product basis weight (BW). If machine produce higher BW, speed will be reduced. Another challenging issue in some cases are not easy to determine the correct location of bearing defect between bearing housings, is it in TS or DS? Or both ? This slides presents the effectiveness using Time Signal Analysis & Simultaneous Multi Channel Analysis demonstrated through time domain, the results reveal the correct location of bearing defect between TS & DS position of canvas roll. Repair time & maintenance budget can be reduced. Also this slide shows that spectrum analysis is not absolute indicator to determine bearing problem and it can be so tricky.

1. Time Waveform Analysis to determine bearing problem location
2. Multiple Channel Analysis can be used to compare between two or more signals to help the analyst make recommendation accurately
3. Vibration velocity spectrum is not absolute indicator of bearing defect


He was graduated from Universitas Islam Indonesia, a well known reputable University in Indonesia. His background was bachelor degree of Informatics Engineering (IT). He started his career not as IT Engineer but as Production Analyst of Paper Machine, he discovered and learned something new, production analysis, cost analysis, the whole process of paper making. After 2 years he moved to Condition Monitoring Section, he was given challenge to enter new career path, move forward, learn mechanical & rotating equipment and finally found his passion in Machine Condition Monitoring. In 2013 he passed Mobius Institute Vibration Analyst CAT I. He found that Mobius Institute Cristal Clear learning system was very helpful, easy to understand with many animations and interactive learning system. Then in 2016, He passed Mobius Institute Vibration Analyst CAT II with score 90-100% exam result. He also active as Vibration & Field Balancing Trainer in APP Academy. His recent achievement is Mill Best Employee 2018 for Supervisor category. His dream is to become professional in Condition Monitoring & Reliability.