The Importance of Effective Communication, Actionable Insights and how Uniper has Increased the value of their Condition Monitoring

Lee Beresford, Condition Monitoring Team Leader, Uniper Technologies Limited


Condition monitoring is an effective process for managing risk in high value, high criticality assets as well as reducing the cost of losses, failures and maintenance.  Achieving a sustainable and effective condition monitoring programme often, and quite rightly so, focuses on the hardware, software, data quality, staff competencies, frequency of routines, reporting templates, etc.  However, the benefit claims from condition monitoring can easily remain only ‘potential’ value through a combination of ineffective communication and poor decision making.  Uniper has actively challenged itself in this area, proactively developing simple solutions to workflow processes and decision making to help realize more ‘tangible’ value from their ongoing programme of condition monitoring.  Uniper will share some of their insights into human behaviour, workflow management, decision making, sharing knowledge and delivering value as well as case studies which will highlight the importance of action.


  • Recognizing missed value opportunities and challenging your own processes
  • How to create processes that humans will work with
  • The value gained by recognizing just one or two common human behaviours


Lee is a mechanical engineer with almost 30 years of experience in aerospace and power generation maintenance. For the past 12 years he has lead the delivery of Uniper’s Condition Monitoring Service which provides remote on-line and in the field support to international power and industrial clients. Data driven techniques are at the centre of his teams operations, but maintaining a strong focus on delivering actionable insights remains a clear and core strategy.