Strategies for Gaining Sr. Leadership Support for Reliability Programs

Zack Fallowfield, Senior Director , Roche


This presentation focuses on the challenge of convincing Sr. Leaders in your organization to support, and ultimately invest in, your reliability program.  Very often, decision makers in leadership positions do not have a background in reliability management.  Similarly, most champions of reliability management programs are technical professionals with little experience influencing and effectively selling their ideas to executives.  The goals of both parties are actually aligned; however, differences in style, experiences, and focus create a communication barrier which must first be overcome if these goals are to be realized.  Your program is going nowhere without support and investment from you leadership, so what do you do?  In this presentation, Zack will discuss strategies which can be used, derived from his experience as a Sr. Leader, to breakdown these barriers in order for you, and ultimately your company, to be more successful in mobilizing your reliability management program.


Zack Fallowfield is the Sr. Director of North American Operations at Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.  Zack leads a team of over 300 people in Indianapolis, Indiana charged with the mission to manufacture and deliver Accu-Chek® test strips for people with diabetes world-wide.  Together, Zack and his team manufacture nearly 70 million vials of test strips annually – or, about 3.5 billion individual test strips each year!

Zack has worked at Roche in Indianapolis for 17 years.  Zack began his career in the Roche R&D organization upon graduating from Hanover College (Hanover, IN) with a degree in Chemistry.  Zack also holds a master’s degree from Purdue University (Indianapolis, IN) in Analytical Chemistry.  While at Roche, Zack has held leadership roles in quality, operations, complaint handling, supplier relationship management, and procurement.

Zack and his wife Pam live in Carmel, Indiana with their three kids.  While not at work, Zack enjoys spending time with his family and coaching youth sports.