(90 min.) Case Study: Resolving Resonance Problems on Vertical Machines: Concepts and Case Histories

Ali Al-Shurafa, Maintenance Engineering Specialist, Saudi Aramco


Although this workshop is designed for plant maintenance practitioners dealing with vertical pumps, the contents can be extended to other structures. Aging plants or recently commissioned directly benefit from the workshop by detecting areas to focus on. Many times the vibration is amplified due to resonance but the severity can be easily resolved in many cases also. During the workshop, you’ll analyze vibration data to detect resonance symptoms. Special vibration measurements to verify resonance will be discussed. Reference to industry standards will be used to establish limits. Several real word cases will be used to cover relevant aspects necessary to consider in the industry plants. Many illustrations are included in the presentation.

1-Understand resonance as a physical phenomena.
2-Verify the symptoms of resonance for vertical motor .
3-Find available and required separation margin.
4-Systematically deduce resonance vibration.
5-Apply the concepts on other plant structures.
6-Discuss real resonance cases.


Mr. Ali Al-Shurafa is a senior vibration and rotating equipment engineer, currently based at Ju’aymah Gas Plant, Saudi Aramco. He worked previously as a college faculty member and served as a commissioning engineer for the Saudi Electricity Company. Mr. Al-Shurafa is heavily involved in rotating equipment troubleshooting and reliability improvements. Ali successfully developed and conducted many academic and industrial short courses and workshops. Mr. Al-Shurafa is a certified trainer MLA 1, US 1, CRL, CMRP, Vibration Analyst Cat IV and a MS Degree holder (2004).