(RTT-CMS) Real Time Total Condition Monitoring System

Ali Izadi, Maintenance Analysis & Improvement Specialist, BHP Billiton


At one of the biggest BHP Billiton processing plants, we have, for some time now, successfully conducted full Condition Monitoring strategies on multiple equipment. More recently, we have been implementing a real-time Condition Monitoring system by connecting different measurement systems on equipment (such as Flow Rate, Speed, Elec-Current, etc.), resulting in a much more comprehensive and effective Condition Monitoring System. With real-time total Condition Monitoring, we have reduced our maintenance downtimes and cost to at or below the established benchmark level.


  • What are the benefits of Condition Based strategies compared to other type of maintenance strategies
  • How to justify Condition Based Strategy implementation
  • How to implement a robust Condition Based Strategy platform that last sustainable for long time
  • What is Real Time Total Condition Monitoring System
  • Is Real Time Total Condition Monitoring System suitable for everyone
  • How to optimise your current maintenance strategies and OEE in 6 months with minimum cost by help of Real Time Total Condition Monitoring System


Have worked over ten (10) years in wide range of industrial fields from Production Factories to Mine Sites, primarily in the field of Maintenance and Reliability Engineering. Solid history of providing reliability engineering support in driving improvements in assets’ performance through optimizing maintenance strategies and tactics, whilst undertaking a program of ongoing defect elimination.