PMWS2: How early malfunction detection and diagnosis brings savings for different machinery applications

Charles Grislin, Application Solution Architect, Bently Nevada


Modern condition monitoring technologies enable accurate and timely identification of machinery malfunctions, allowing prevention of catastrophic failures, reduction of secondary damages and of outage times. The combination of vibration data analysis with other machine parameters or signal processing technics allows a comprehensive understanding of machinery health. A selection of interesting case studies will be presented covering various rotating assets in different industrial applications together with estimation of savings.


Charles Grislin started his career at Bently Nevada in 2011 as a machinery diagnostic engineer. For 8 years, Charles has solved many turbomachinery cases all over the world including multiplane balancing, structural dynamics or torsional vibration analysis. Charles has also been a certified instructor and in charge of a remote monitoring center. Since 2019, Charles is an application solution architect for Bently Nevada.