Online Precision Lubrication The Future is Now!

Peter Boon, Product Manager, UE Systems


How many bearings do you have in your facility? And how are they being greased?
What we see a lot is that bearings are being greased by a given timeframe (schedule)
But is the reality not showing us that a huge percentage of those greased bearing are being over greased?

The advantage for doing online monitoring with ultrasound is that is does not need lots of training to get a good picture from the condition of your bearings.
Stop monitoring your bearings and start managing them!


Mr. Boon has been with UE Systems Europe, headquartered in the Netherlands, since 2010. He has lectured about the technology of Airborne / Structure borne Ultrasound in most of the industrialized world and has been instrumental in the program implementation of Ultrasound inspection technology for multiple companies worldwide. In addition to his efforts to educate and lecture, Mr. Boon is the Product Manager of UE Systems Europe. Mr. Boon is a part of the UE Systems training development team and is level III certified for Ultrasound technology