KN3: Keynote: Five Components to Successfully Sustaining Condition Based Maintenance

Jeff Shiver, President, People and Processes, Inc.


The year is 2017. At a rate of 60%, most organizations have struggled with achieving a proactive reliability centered culture for over 30 years or more. The struggle continues today. The journey to reliability is not unlike crossing a vast mountain range of progressively higher peaks. In the end, we must demonstrate our ability to adapt to changing business conditions and yield monetary results while continuously ascending the peaks on that journey.

In our talk together, Jeff will share lively insights into the key points that drive a successful condition- based maintenance (CBM) implementation and sustainment effort. These include foundational and continued management support, moving beyond the low hanging fruit, answering the “worth doing?” question, measuring the wins and losses, and finally, the constant marketing of the value received.


Jeff Shiver CMRP, CPMM, Certified RCM2 & RCM3 Practitioner
Jeff Shiver guides people and organizations to success in the Reliability Best Practices. Working together in partnership, we move beyond the status quo in culture, business results, and most importantly, people.
Jeff has over 25 years of practitioner experience. Within Mars North America, he worked at four plant locations and held two corporate roles. Job functions included Engineering, Maintenance, and Operations management. Before Mars, he held contract engineering positions at Proctor and Gamble, and IBM.
Founding People and Processes, Inc. in 2006, Jeff is a trusted advisor for the Maintenance and Reliability community. He is a conference speaker, thought leader, published in domestic and international trade journals, and co-author of “Kitting in Maintenance.” He is also the Membership Services Director for the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP).