Case Study: There & Back Again – The True Cost of Cost Cutting

Daré Petreski , Technical Director, Mobius Institute


In this presentation, Daré will present a follow up case study of the newly commissioned multi-million-dollar mining facility and their efforts to confront a price slump in the commodities market.

Asked to return and audit the Condition Monitoring system he was integral in establishing two years prior, he discovers that that saving a few million dollars in costs can, in reality, cost you tens of millions in unrecoverable product output.

Following the daily commodity spot price and matching it against the planned vs actual output of the facility, it becomes clear that in this case, trying to add value simply by cost cutting can really cost you.


A Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) with 30 years of progressive experience in Physical Asset Management, Maintenance, Reliability, Risk Mitigation, Continuous Improvement, Defect Elimination, Hydrocarbons (FLAC) Management and multi-technique Condition Monitoring.

Typical responsibilities encompass Staff Leadership/Management, driving System Implementation and Cultural Change, Technical Services Management, Business Solution Development, Education, Training & Staff Development.

An experienced change agent with commercial experience and an unwavering commitment to health & safety resulting in a career free from LTI’s and MTI’s, Daré has steered, managed and supported transitioning organisations across multiple industry sectors, both in Australia and abroad, in taking their next evolutionary step with their approach to physical asset management by creating sustainable performance improvements for operations/organisations.

An accomplished public speaker, Daré has delivered keynote addresses and presented papers at multiple Asset Management, Maintenance & Reliability conferences, as well as facilitating technical training/workshops across Australia, the Asia Pacific & Africa.

Industry sector experience includes:

Power Generation (Geo-Thermal & Coal Fired), Petro-Chemical, Oil & Gas Refining, Coal & Primary Metals Mining, (Underground and Open-Cut), Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage, Agro Industrial, General Manufacturing, Education, Training & Development.

Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) since 2006.