Harnessing the Value of Truly Connected Assets with Connected Reliability

Ankush Malhotra, Fluke Reliability


Industrial assets exist and operate in interconnected (oftentimes globally scaled) chains in which one weak link can break the full course of production. Connectivity in this reliability space shouldn’t be considered a luxury, it should be ingrained into the larger business strategy.

With companies tightening budgets and looking to make their operations more efficient, reduce unplanned downtime and apply data led insights to pre-empt maintenance issues – having connected operations is more important than ever. In this talk we will introduce the connected reliability framework/concept that enables plant operators to easily communicate between machinery, data-acquisition systems and maintenance and reliability teams (M&R).

Companies are quick to turn to digitalization like AI to generate insights on machine health and processes, but they often underestimate the obstacles during the implementation of these programs, more data is produced, but without proper connection between the two this can add to operational siloes. A connected reliability approach eliminates those barriers to unlock the true value of intelligent insights. When M&R teams have the right tools to acquire meaningful data, which is then available across multiple layers, it enables them to drive the right decisions at the right time, resulting in massive cost savings and uptime.


Ankush joined Danaher/Fluke in 2006 and has worked across the company in various roles since. Now President for Fluke Reliability, he is responsible for the growth and strategy of the business. Ankush has over 20 years of experience working in the industrial space and is passionate about using innovative technology to drive business efficiency.