(90 min.) cont’d. Case Study: How to design, deliver and run successful Condition-Based Maintenance?

Svetoslav Staykov, Senior Advisor, Amaziograph Ltd


More and more companies are looking to outsource the Condition Monitoring activities.
The challenge for the the user is how to evaluate and select suppliers of Condition Monitoring services and for suppliers is according to each standard to deliver their services.
At the end the ultimate goal is the company to have successful implemented and beneficial Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM).

The presentation covers the following topics:

  • Short observation of current standards and rules in different industries.
  • Creating a company’s CBM standard (CBM Handbook):
    • Condition Monitoring (CM) program design.
    • Data Collection Schedule.
    • Data alarms.
    • Machine CM status.
    • Recommended Actions.
    • Using Recommended Actions in Maintenance Management.
    • CBM continuous improvement plan.
  • Creating a CM supplier standard:
    • CM specialists management.
    • Implementation of CM program.
    • Machine knowledge.
    • Data Analysis Schedule.
    • Data verification.
    • Reporting – Faults, Recommended Actions, Machine CM Status.
    • Feedback.
    • Company’s KPIs.
    • Continuous improvement plan.
  • Creating of Contract Management (Contract Management handbook):
    • Why the contract management is crucial in delivering long term Condition Monitoring services?
    • Content of Contract Management Handbook.
    • CM services KPIs.


  1.  How to create a company’s CBM standard (CBM Handbook).
  2.  How to create a CM supplier standard to deliver high quality CM services.

How to manage Condition Monitoring contracts.



He is a Dreamer that loves and believes in the Simplicity. He truly believes that the modern technology can change the industry from engineering to be more human.

2018: Present Senior Advisor at Amaziograph.
2006 – 2018: SKF – responsible for CM portfolio in O&G and Marine, SKF Marine Standard Supervisor.
2000 – 2006: Intracom Trade – responsible for CM, alignment, balancing and application engineering services.
1991 – 2000: Bulgarian Navy – C/E Commander, Lecturer in Bulgarian Naval Academy.

Master of Science, Marine Mechanical Engineer
Hobby and work: Developing software platforms and exploring new ideas.
VA Category III certified
25 years experience in the CM world.