Condition Monitoring Symposium by SPM Instrument


Join the Condition Monitoring Symposium by SPM Instrument to further your knowledge and experience with a day of presentations focusing on Industry 4.0:

Keynote Presentation: The Condition Monitoring Market, why smart data is the answer to all your problems: Stefan Lindberg, CEO, SPM Instrument
Technological advances and digitalisation is pushing both the manufacturing industry and the condition monitoring market forward at an exponential rate. We will see changes affecting the way we do things, the way we carry out our jobs and the way we deal with and understand our machines. Predictions say that the importance of integrating condition monitoring data in your production systems for fuller understanding of your process is vital, but little is mentioned about the quality of data you decide to include. The CEO of SPM International, Stefan Lindberg, will present trends affecting the manufacturing industry and condition monitoring market and let you in on a secret: why smart data is the answer to all your problems.

How Can Industry 4.0 with HD Technologies Bring Maintenance and Production Teams Together? Ron Kittle, Managing Director, SPM Instrument
How can we use high-quality vibration readings for condition monitoring but also to optimize production processes? Machine learning, Industry 4.0, and prognostics are important concepts to increase production flow and to ensure product quality. HD technologies has been used to extract information from critical machines in the mining, pulp and paper sectors. By using vibration data in a non-conventional way, it is possible to extract parameters important for the understanding of machine behavior. These parameters are exported via a Rest API interface for the machine learning process itself.

Learning Takeaways
– The presentation will introduce HD condition monitoring technology, the Rest API interface, and show practical results from real world case studies.
– Participants will learn how production and maintenance can benefit from a common platform.

The Importance of Continuous Improvement of the Knowledge Level in an Industry 4.0-Drive Organisation: Jason Tranter, Founder and CEO, Mobius Institute
Condition Based Maintenance is a cornerstone of the 4.0 concept and gaining knowledge through certified training programs is essential. All personnel engaged in condition monitoring and reliability improvement activities must have the knowledge, skills, and competence in their roles to ensure the organisation is able to achieve its stated goals. In addition, organisations must understand the requirements and responsibilities of each role and ensure personnel are trained and certified to the correct level.

Successes and Complications on the Path to Predictive Maintenance: Corinne Jeffs, Reliability Manager, Basic American Foods
Discover successes and challenges of implementing new maintenance reliability practices in four food processing facilities, seeking to improve uptime and reliability.

Vibration Analysis, Orbit and Bump Testing for Vibrating Screen Performance Testing: Mike Garrison, Polydeck
Vibrating screens are in integral part of modern materials and ore processing. These machines harness vibration as an energy source that separates materials for efficient final processing.
This presentation will discuss implementing SPM Instrument’s HD Technologies for efficiency and reliability purposes. Orbits are used as a measurable system to evaluate these machines for efficient, reliable operations. Supporting structures are evaluated with precise reporting of problems areas. The Shock Pulse Method and bearing system analysis has proven to be a reliable system to evaluate the un-balanced rotating systems that drive the vibrating screen. This technology provides predictive maintenance data in this very difficult application. Frequency ‘bump’ testing is providing guidance involving rebuild or replacement considerations. Reports from these tests can quantify machine integrity. These capabilities are now being implemented as financial tools by customers and are involved in long-term planning both in the aggregate and mining industries.

Vibration Analysis Online Condition Monitoring: Scott Phillips, Rotating Equipment Specialist, NUCOR
Attendees will learn the configuration of a condition monitoring system on dynamic applications where timing is critical and production process vibration signals are difficult to filter out, allowing us to focus on true machine condition.

Statistical Analysis of Vibration Data for Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring: Ken Starry, IVC Technologies
Data coming in from a wind farm or other large facility with multiple machines can be overwhelming. Learn how other resources outside of your existing condition monitoring software platform, such as MS Excel, can be used to perform statistical analysis of vibration data to screen massive amounts of data for further evaluation.

Challenges of Building a Reliability Culture in a Large Multinational Company: Gina Kittle, Program Manager, Timken
The Timken Company has been working on building a new reliability strategy over the last 7 years. There have been challenges in implementing these changes with gaining alignment and standardizing maintenance strategies in various global locations and cultures. Attendees will hear about our successes and lessons learned.

Panel Discussion & Closing

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