( 20 min.) Case Study: Vibration Analysis of Bearings on Drying Cylinders

Ognjan Maletic, Themography and Vibration Engineer, Umka doo


Drying cylinders are integral part of any paper machine. Bearing failures on these are costly in terms of lost production and machinery damage. Frequent failures puts enormous pressure on maintenance teams, so it is of utmost importance to be effective in on time detecting and eliminating potential danger. This case study shows recent success in route based vibration monitoring of drying cylinder bearings. From the catastrophic failures to a year and counting without unplanned shutdown caused by drying cylinder bearing.


1. Type of vibration spectrum that is most helpful
2. Vibration sensor orientation.
3. Vibration spectrum to bearing damage relation


Ognjan Maletic holds a M.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the University of Belgrade.
He has been working in Umka doo cardboard mill since 2004, mostly in maintenance.
His expertise focuses on condition monitoring.
Ognjan is certified thermographer and vibration analyst.