Case Study: Heat Leaks in Production Facility of Building Material Factory

Jovan Miočinović, TEHPRO d.o.o.


In one building material factory an attempt has been made based on a thermography inspection study to estimate the energy loss due to heat leaks in autoclave lining.
According to the findings the calculation procedure has been made in order to evaluate the leakage costs and accordingly the annual loss due to leaks has been calculated.


1. Application of building thermography techniques in industry of building materials
2. Plant reliability and energy efficiency
3. Possible extra savings in an uncertain environment of high energy costs in an industry highly dependent on gas costs


Jovan Miočinović has a bachelor’s degree in physics from the Faculty of Physics of the University of Belgrade. He works as an associate in testing lab in company TEHPRO d.o.o. located in Belgrade, Serbia. He is certified Mobius VCATII Vibration analyst, UE Systems Ultrasound CAT I/Level I inspector, Mobius ARP-A Asset Reliability Practitioner and ICT Category 1 Thermographer. As an HSE consultant and associate in testing laboratory has experience in testing the work environment and in electrical and mechanical equipment inspection and condition monitoring in several industries as power plants, steel manufacturing, glass manufacturing, beverage packaging, tire and rubber, automotive and building material industry.