Case Study: Good Practice CBM Implementation

Keith Smith, Head of Asset Management, 53North Group


The presentation will be completed in conjunction with Weetabix, The UK’s no. 1 cereal brand.
53North was employed to improve Asset care at weetabix. To support Weetabix 53North developed a four-phase asset care development strategy. Phase one was designed to establish a starting point by carrying out a plant reliability study and critically appraise the plant. Phase two set up a hybrid CBM program that would be mostly carried out by Weetabix technicians and support by 53North using an CSI 2140. Phase three, we built the new PM and lubrication schedules (based aound CBM tech) along with Technician training sessions. Phase four focused on performance monitoring and continuous improvement. The implementation of this strategy has supported Weetabix to increase MTBF by 150%. After two years 53north studied 4 of weetabix factories (as well as four other food manufactures) for the effect of culture on the implementation process. At weetabix we found that 50% of the factories we studied failed to meet their own objectives for the asset care. As the parent culture was the same and the technical implemtation was the same, this gave us an excellent change to study what made the difference. We have developed a maintenance cultural change model from the finding that I completed for my Masters degree dissertation.

A Weetabix engineering manager will discuss the roadmap from an internal point of view and the challenges he faced. The MD of Weetabix explained the diffefference it has ment to them; “All Maintenance used to require outage time. Now the maintenance routines have been optimised so that up to 50% can be one safely while the lines are running. 53North Group have bought in new predictive technology. Coupled with a training programme to transfer knowledge. The methodology has been adopted by all units. Involvement and ownership from the Weetabix Engineering team has been transformational as we have seen the reliability of our factories improve”.

1.) The importance of integrating CBM into a maintenance strategy and what benefits can be achieved
2.) Cultural change is more difficult to navigate then technical implementation
3.) A model for implementing maintenance culture change


Experienced Head Of Asset Management with a demonstrated history of working in the mechanical or industrial engineering industry. Skilled in Food Processing, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Process Engineering, Engineering, and Maintenance Management. Strong program and project management professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Reliability engineering and asset management from The University of Manchester.