Case Study: Don’t Let the Unseen Bite You – Ultrasonic Electrical Inspections

T.J. Garten, Reliability Professional, Allied Reliability


Routine monitoring of ultrasound acoustical dB and waveforms at a hospital installation resulted in identification and trending of faults within a primary power source. This case study shows the results of risk management and the resulting new equipment quality check importance.
The power of utilizing a quick and non-invasive technology to monitor primary power electrical equipment can open the door to increased reliability, as well as adding a tool to not only the condition monitoring program but to any maintenance department’s tool pouch.


1. Expanded understanding of the uses of ultrasonic inspections.
2. The potential benefits of adding electrical equipment to ultrasonic inspection routes.
3. How to use ultrasonic inspections in conjunction with other technologies to gain even greater value.


Building on 28 years in the electrical contracting and reliability industries, T.J. Garten has an extensive background in electrical system design, motor controls, and reliability testing, including thermography, motor circuit analysis, power quality, and ultrasound. As a Reliability Professional at Allied Reliability, specialties include criticality analysis, predictive maintenance assessments, preventive maintenance optimization, root cause analysis, continuous improvement of standards and procedures, training development, and coaching/mentoring. T.J. holds a Level III certification in IR Thermal Testing and Level II certifications in MCA, Ultrasound Emissions, and Vibration Analysis.