AMWS3: An animated introduction to vibration analysis

Jason Tranter, Mobius Institute


Vibration analysis is a powerful detection and diagnostic tool, but there sure is a lot to know. Utilizing all of the Mobius Institute animations and simulations, this highly engaging workshop will be an excellent refresher for vibration analysts, but also a perfect introduction to vibration analysis for reliability engineers, CBM managers, and everyone involved with the non-vibration condition monitoring technologies.

Here is a quick run-down of what will be covered:

  • We will begin with a basic introduction to what vibration can tell us about the machine condition.
  • Next, we will explore the basic measurement techniques; proximity probes on critical journal bearing machines, and accelerometers for everything else.
  • We will explore how we take the signal from the sensor and turn it into the waveform. We won’t get into the details of “signal processing”, just the essential information that affects all of the data you get to analyze as an analyst.
  • Then we will cover where the spectrum comes from; what do those peaks mean. With that we will discuss harmonics, sidebands, and noise; they tell us so much, but they can be confusing.
  • Now that we understand the power of the spectrum, we must understand its weaknesses. That’s when we will explore the time waveform and phase analysis.
  • Now we are ready to explore some common fault conditions, including unbalance, misalignment, looseness, resonance, and bearing faults, where we can apply what we know about the data to solving actual problems.
  • Next, we will review the analysis process. How do we go from data, via detection (with an introduction to alarms) to a diagnosis and recommendation about the action that must be taken?

And with all of that, you will have a good solid understanding of vibration analysis. You will know where it fits in a reliability improvement program alongside all the other condition monitoring techniques. The animations and simulations we use in all our courses will make all of those topics easy to understand – it will all make sense!


Jason Tranter is the founder and Managing Director of Mobius Institute.  Jason is the author of the majority of the Mobius Institute training courses and e-learning products covering reliability improvement, condition monitoring and precision maintenance topics.  Titles include iLearnReliability, iLearnVibration, iLearnAlignment, and iLearnBalancing.  Vibration analysis classroom and distance learning courses follow ISO 18436-2 Category I – IV.

Mobius Institute has training centers in over 60 countries, and also provides certification through the ISO/IEC 17024 accredited organization, Mobius Institute Board of Certification.  Mobius has direct offices in Australia, Europe and the United States with over 20 employees.

Mr. Tranter has been involved with this field of work since 1984.  He has worked with people in a variety of industries to help improve reliability and implement successful condition monitoring programs.  He is an Australian delegate to ISO TC 108/SC5 “Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machine systems”.

Jason has written numerous articles and presented at conferences around the world. Jason has also been awarded “best presenter” at numerous conferences, including at the previous two Euromaintenance conferences. Thousands of people have viewed Jason’s Webinars and YouTube videos on the Mobius YouTube channel.