(90 min.) cont’d: Leading Reliability Skill Set Improvements: Illusion vs. Sustainability

Ian McKinnon, Reliability Solutions


For whatever reason, there have been times, when we have determined that a deficiency in some skill area exists and so we would run out and “get some”. While the intent of the action was honorable, it may have led to; “the flavor of the month”, no execution plan, zero measurables and finally, a confusion as to what really improved.

This introduction to moving skill sets forward, considers the value of, an executable and practical action plan, where sustainability becomes measurable. The session provides practical, experience driven information to prove that “skill set development” and “reliability improvement” is a “process” and not a “program”. We shall explore this process from: interest to preparation, training engagement and hands-on activities, field results to audit and evolution. This presentation is meant to engage attendees from the “Top-to- the-Shop”. Come prepared, to be engaged, have fun and understand real and meaningful reliability improvement practices!



Ian McKinnon is a founding principal of Reliability Solutions and a pioneer in the “Precision Maintenance” field. His innate process orientation, mechanical aptitude, and analytical abilities have been the cornerstone of his extensive career achievements. In 2003, Ian cofounded Reliability Solutions and expanded “Precision Maintenance®” into a more complete approach, Reliable Manufacturing®, where design, engineering, purchasing, production, and maintenance all work in concert to optimize the manufacturing process. His training methodologies and curriculum have passed rigorous university reviews and he currently directs all curriculum and instructor development for Reliability Solutions. Ian is an inspired instructor who is passionate about helping others achieve a better life through the transfer of “hard” skills.