(90 min. cont’d) Case Study: Machine Defect Analysis using Vibration: Digging Deeper into Bearing defect and failure analysis

Priyan Perera, Reliability & Condition Monitoring Engineer, HVL Group


This presentation involves case studies of past defect analysis using vibration data. Briefly explained case studies of bearing defects and failure analysis for further support.


1. Use of vibration data to analyse different types of bearing defects
2. Bearing failure analysis
3. Understanding Vibration theory for advanced analysis


Priyan Perera holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, MBA, VA Cat IV and Masters of Reliability and Maintenance Engineering from Monash University, Australia. For over 19 years, he has been working in Maintenance, Lubrication, Reliability Engineering and Condition Monitoring fields and has worked for Chevron lubricants – Sri Lanka doing industrial consultancy and lubrication training to Cement, Construction, marine and power generation Industries. His past certifications also include IR Level II, PG Diploma in Electrical Engineering and Asset Reliability Practitioner I (ARP I-Mobius Institute). Since 2010, Priyan has been working as a Reliability & Condition Monitoring Specialist in HVL Group – Hunter Valley, Australia working to coal mining and processing industry. Priyan is considered to be as a trainer and has done several conference presentations in Reliability and Condition Monitoring. Plant Reliability engineering, Machine Condition Monitoring and Root Cause Failure analysis continue to be integral elements of his daily business.