3S6: How do we implement a successful CM program

Annemie Willer, Wearcheck


Condition Monitoring involves the design and use of sensing arrangements on industrial plant, together with data acquisition and analysis systems to enable diagnostic methodologies with the objective of implementing early interventions by performing the correct maintenance in a planned manner based on the actual condition of machine. Mining and manufacturing are two industries that have become more reliant on condition monitoring in recent years but unfortunately not more resilient because of it. The successful implementation of condition monitoring technologies has become rarer than unicorns. A mythical concept embedded in progressive maintenance philosophies but as elusive as sightings of supernovas.  


So how do we implement a successful CM program in an environment that flourishes on increasing the tediousness in the task? 

Applying 5 critical questions below to decide which technology will be more suited to identify the failure mode based on type of machine. 

  1. Can this technology identify the earliest indication of a developing problem? 
  2. Can this technology identify the exact cause of the problem? 
  3. Can this technology identify the exact location of the problem? 
  4. Can this technology identify the exact severity of the problem? 
  5. Answering the four questions above will guide you to the correct maintenance task to be performed? 


Annemie Willer is the Operations Manager for WearCheck Asset Reliability Care in South Africa. She has been in the field of Condition Monitoring for over 13 years, and manages a team of 100 condition monitoring technicians, analysts, specialists, and non-destructive testing inspectors. Her team provides comprehensive asset monitoring service to over 300 customers across the African continent, including mining, oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, and manufacturing industries.

She has a passion for learning, innovation, and disruption and is proud of her team’s commitment to excellence. She has obtained certification from ISO-accredited training bodies in various Condition Monitoring technologies. However, she has found that field experience and listening to her team have been instrumental in developing and implementing effective condition monitoring programs for many organizations.

Some projects that Annemie has implemented are taking a completely different approach to report on anomalies and defects identified by condition monitoring technologies, which rarely relies on trend analysis. Additionally, she developed the Six Question Matrix, which helps to identify the best condition monitoring technology for an application.

Annemie has spoken at numerous conferences and events, and is looking forward to connecting through her presentation, which will provide valuable insights to Condition Monitoring specialists who share her passion for adding value and are looking for a different approach from what is usually perceived as the norm in the industry.