2S7: An Integrated Approach to Process Condition Monitoring

Allen Bailey, Senior Test Analyst, IVC Technologies Eric Snyder, Operations Manager, iba America LLC


The big challenge of manufacturing is to develop /locate/deploy systems and tools that are helpful to overcome operational issues that have a direct and negative impact on the bottom-line. Many times, reliance on established or older systems don’t reveal the whole issue and lead down paths that don’t produce results.

Today, even if process monitoring and/or condition-based monitoring are utilized, few understand the data produced and what the data is telling them. Process monitoring is still considered an art to many, and new systems are producing better information than what previously existed, making it more informative and actionable.

This presentation discusses the benefits of bridging process monitoring and condition-based monitoring (CBM) as a necessary part of reducing production time, cost, related material, and energy consumptions which positively impact the bottom-line.

Those who should attend include roles in:
Process Engineering

Bio - Allen Bailey

 I currently have over 20 years of industrial maintenance experience, with over 15 years being in Predictive Maintenance / Reliability Technologies. I am a certified Level 3 vibration analyst who specializes in performing diagnostic testing in many industrial environments (i.e. Petro-Chemical, Power Generation, Steel Manufacturing, Wood Products, Mining, Air Separation, Offshore Oil Field Development, etc.). I am qualified to use multi-channel / transient vibration analysis tools, strain gages, 4-20 mA process data interfaces, Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis, experimental MODAL analysis, on-line condition monitoring, and machinery protection systems for testing purposes.

Bio - Eric Snyder