2S2: Case Study: Condition Monitoring focused on Reliability Improvement and Defect Elimination

Tarun Motwani, Senior Engineer , Visy Paper


CM programs is still to just detect, diagnose and report the faults. The CM data when collected properly and systematically, have so much more potential to provide useful information about root cause of the fault as well as ways of resolving the core of the issue to stop repetition of failures. This allows the CM programs to integrate with engineering and maintenance functions, by helping reduce their workload and provide much higher return of investments in condition monitoring program.

This presentation will demonstrate the ways of collecting and using CM data for this purpose, through several real life case studies and provide a way to document the process. Some of these cases will also demonstrate integration of various condition monitoring techniques in identification and resolving the root cause. Various stakeholders of the condition monitoring program will benefit from this presentation in learning ways of utilizing their instrumentation and knowledge towards achieving the reliability improvements in the equipment and processes.


Tarun Motwani holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, MBA-Finance, VA Cat IV certificate, with 26 years of industrial experience. He is working as Senior Engineer- condition Monitoring in Visy paper, and has worked in in various type of industries, including petrochemicals, mining, steelmaking, pulp & Paper, food processing building products etc. His skill set includes vibration analysis, IR Thermography, Oil Analysis, Airborne Ultrasonics, Motor testing and Root Cause Failure Analysis, and technical delivery in these technologies. His past certifications include ASNT Level III in IR, Level II certification in oil analysis, Level I certification in UT. He is currently involved in automated integration of different condition monitoring technologies, to optimize their usage in ever expanding online systems and by even moderately skilled personnel in all these technologies.