(20 min) Case Study: Controlling water in a combustion turbine

Wesley Albert, Acuren


The lubricant for a combustion turbine unit saw increases in water level periodically, at times significant enough to cause the tank to overflow.  A closed lubricant system with no obvious sources for water ingress warranted detailed investigation on the part of the owners to determine and correct the issue.  This case study describes the investigation into the source, and the mass balance which ensued to control the issue.


Wesley is a professional engineer with experience supporting asset management, reliability, maintenance and operations for over 15 years. His current role with Acuren is primarily focused on the development and implementation of equipment management at a strategic level. Mr. Albert has worked in a wide variety of industries including: power generation, pulp and paper, forest products, manufacturing, mining, naval, oil and gas & laboratory services. Wesley has also been active with the Canadian Machinery and Vibration Association as a past national board member and is a member of SMRP, and API.