(20 min.) Case Study: Sustaining The Move From Reactive to Precision Maintenance

Harland Machacon, Principal Engineer, H. Machacon Engineering Services


1. Be inspired that implementing precision maintenance is not really a difficult process
2. Understand that engineering design geared towards continuous improvement plays a key role
3. Realize that standard procedures and structured skill trades training will ensure consistent positive results in operations after the equipment is being set-up.


Harland Machacon completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1979 as the top student in his class with a distinction for academic honor as Magna cum Laude. He earned his Master of Engineering degree specializing in Thermo-fluids in 2005.
He was hired by Eveready Battery Company as a mechanical engineer in 1979. After acquiring a vast experience in dry cell battery manufacturing, he was temporarily assigned as an engineering consultant for Eveready Battery Company Sri Lanka in 1992 where he led the facility in Colombo in achieving its goal of improving efficiency from a low 70% to a consistent 95%. He received the Outstanding Contribution Award – Operations Improvement Program, two times, in 1989 and then in 1995. He eventually got promoted to Engineering Manager in 1996.

He decided to join the academe as a professor of mechanical engineering He conducted research on waste heat recovery and vibration engineering. In 2005, he became the chair of the department of mechanical engineering, University of San Carlos. It was in this role that he received a Certificate of Recognition from the Office of the President of the Philippines for promoting quality in mechanical engineering education in 2007.He was hired by General Motors of Canada Limited in 2011 as a contract facilities engineer at the St. Catharines Engine Plant. He got his Professional Engineers License in Ontario in 2012. He established H. Machacon Engineering Services in 2015. He is currently writing a textbook entitled, Vibration Engineering: A Practical Approach.