1S9: Case Study – How to perform condition monitoring of rotating machinery when the speed fluctuates

Fred Kihm, Product Manager, Hbm Prenscia


Like all other areas of our lives, technology and its creative use is revolutionizing the world of vibration analysis. This presentation will consider some of those recent developments, specifically on the latest advancements in how data is collected, analyzed and reported on back to the customer. Wireless sensors, Cloud-based data storage and algorithm-based analysis tools provide an efficient and effective predictive maintenance service to a customer, allowing customers with little or no vibration knowledge to utilize vibration analysis effectively.


Kihm is an Engineering Consultant for HBM Prenscia, where he provides technical support, training and engineering services activities related to FEA, signal processing, fatigue and vibration analysis in the industry. Frédéric holds a MS in Mechanical Engineering from IFMA University and is currently pursuing a PhD with the Institute of Sound & Vibration Research (ISVR) in Southampton.